To Motherhood



Motherhood, in its truest sense, is just plain bittersweet.  We do our best to embrace the present but it’s always accompanied by a remembrance of the past and a hope toward the future.  Because of this, our mama hearts are in constant limbo.  But, I believe there is something truly beautiful about the collection process of both the mundane and the magical.  Motherhood is largely comprised of the two coming together and creating in us a sense that all of life is a little bittersweet.

To the twisting and turning

of tiny little hands and mama hearts

growing together

and yet also apart


To the sleep that we long for

when they’re young and they need us

and the hours we spend

just praying they’ll heed us


To the yearnings we have

for both more and for less

we could use more time and energy

and do without all the messes and stress


To the worry that greets us in some form every day

for their safety, for bravery and for finding their way


For the days that seemed long

and the years far too short

for the way they will always crave

our love and support


To the bubbles and chalk

turned soccer and gaming

and all of the hours

spent training and taming


To the days we resorted

to locking bathroom doors

which became prayer closets, scream closets

and so much more


To the moments we sat and we soaked it all in,

their laughter, their freckles, their missing tooth grin


To the highs and the lows

and all our parts we wish wouldn’t jiggle

to the endless questions and jokes

and their sweet sounding giggles


To the wanting of time

to pass both quickly and slow

to the aches and the pains

of watching them grow


Just stay like this please for a little bit longer

as the days pass by and we both grow stronger


To Motherhood-


Everything we dreamed and

never imagined it would be

to the moments that feel like treasures

and the ones resembling debris


You’ve tucked and reminded

given and guided


You’ve brought out my worst

but also my best

I’ve been tired and cranky

and needed some rest


But I’ve also served tirelessly with

very little praise

hour after hour

for days upon days


I’ve yelled out of anger

and screamed with delight

and there have been so many days when

I’ve felt I haven’t done anything right


To the morning snuggles

and the goodnight kisses

and a heaping amount

of altogether misses


To the hard and the easy

where they both come to meet

Motherhood, you are exhausting and rewarding

and oh so bittersweet






I'm an English Breakfast tea drinker who loves the color green. I enjoy reading, writing and baking and am a world traveler "wannabe". I am mother to three of the most amazing kids & am madly in love with my husband who just also happens to be my best friend. I am passionate about all things faith & family. We live a rather quiet & simple life...I wouldn't want it any other way.

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